Sen. Robin Padilla | Morale in the Philippines is Dropping

Sen. Robin Padilla

Senator Robin Padilla has voiced his Displeasure

Sen. Robin Padilla has voiced his displeasure about what he sees as the Philippines’ moral decline.

Speaking earlier this week in Quezon City at the Ambassadors for Peace dinner banquet, Padilla claimed that politics has polarized many Filipinos, especially the younger generation.

“The youth right now in the Philippines, they are misled. They love politics so much that they don’t even understand their (own) history,” he said.

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The senator emphasized the importance of inspiring young people to be “morally independent.”

“When you say morally independent, they are so influenced by movies that are showing stuff that even me—just  imagine me— Robin Padilla is shocked on how movies are made right now? That is wow! Plus, you know I’m the bad  boy of the Philippine movies, and I’m shocked,” he said.

“Meaning to say, morality is really going down,” he pointed out.

Sen. Robin Padilla - To the People of the Philippines

The senator had already discussed how Filipinos both yearn for and oppose change.

When he talked about his desire of becoming a politician, he stated he believed he could effect change.

“But what can a one man do if everything around you they don’t want to change?” Padilla said.

“People in the Philippines, they are always, always, they are saying we want change, but we keep on electing the old ones. How can you have change?”

Sen. Robin Padilla - Return to GOD is the Only Way for PH to Achieve Peace

Padilla oversaw the talks on suggested economic modifications to the 1987 Constitution while serving as head of the Senate committee on constitutional amendments.

Nevertheless, his colleagues in the upper chamber did not support the recommendations made by his committee.

Padilla feels that returning to God is the best way to achieve peace in the country.

“So the only solution for this country is we go back to God. He is the only way. And morality is the only way… The youth right now in the Philippines, they are misled. They love politics so much they don’t understand the history. But if only the youth of this country will go back to the Bible or Quran or book of Hebrews or Buddhists, maybe we will have peace,” he said

“My brothers and sisters who are my fellow ambassadors of peace, I’m with you in this fight. This is a fight between good and evil… We have to motivate our youth to be morally independent,” he added.

Sen. Robin Padilla - Aside from Politics

Padilla remarked that, despite the Philippines’ abundance of natural resources, politics has kept Filipinos poor.

Aside from politics, he added, the youth are being affected by movies that shock even him as a “bad boy of Philippine movies,” implying that morality in the country is deteriorating.

“We are I think we are the most religious in Southeast Asia. But we began to forget about religion and we all became experts in politics. The social media everybody is a genius, everybody has a comment,” he said.

“It’s not about being Christian, or a Muslim, or a Buddhist or a Hindu. It’s just believing in God. We have to go back to God. If we will put our faith in men, it’s not gonna happen, I’m telling you,” he added.

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